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July 27, 2012
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You felt the relaxing coolness as you dove into the clear swimming pool.  It was so soothing to be engulfed into the water after being in the scorching weather for a long time.    For the moment, your worries were over.

As a last minute decision, you planned a pool party for your normal friends because this would be the last time hanging out before school starts.  You came thirty minutes early to the pool (who your aunt owns, so you were able to reserve at anytime), and set up the refreshments and volleyball net.  Though you thought it would have taken awhile to finish complete your task by yourself, but it actually only took ten minutes.  Therefore, you changed into your (f/c) two-piece and dove into the pool with those embarrassing Speedo goggles on so you could see the crystal clear water in its perfect form.  Once someone did come, you would quickly and secretly put the goggles away.  More than likely, you would slip it into the deepest part of the pool and if someone finds them, you can say a cousin forgot it.

However, you been swimming for forty-five minutes, and none of your school friends have shown.  What friends you have.

Still, you weren't surprised that they weren't here; you expected the majority to come an hour or two late for that start.  If none of your pals came then you can have to pool to yourself for the evening. Also, the food and drinks you bought won't go to waste.  You can go see America and he'll gobble everything.

Yes, you are a representation of a country, the country of (your choice) to be exact, and that's how you personally know all of the other personifications.

However, you're more of an "experiment" than an actual country; you have a normal life, with school and other actives, but during the summer (and school breaks), you go to conference and talk to the other countries when available.  You prefer the countries-tans (who would have been here at the party by now if you had invited them) over your school life because the countries made you feel welcome and you known them longer.  That's also probably the reason none of your "school" friends have come to your lame party.

At least you can swim your thoughts away without interruption.

Swimming is a great passion for you, even if it goes against or for your country's stereotype.  It's come natural to you like France's flirting.  You can stay underwater for the longest time, and you have a mean free-stroke.

In fact, you were on your third lap after you gave yourself a five minute break.  You pushed your arms forwards, kicking you legs in sync.  You made sure you kept a pattern like your old swim instructor told you.  On every third stroke, you turned your head to side for a second before the next stroke, and continued this for another lap.

Then, when you turn your head to the left, you saw a small white figure a few feet beyond the fence.  You stopped in mid-stroke, pondering what in the world was it.  You swiftly swim to the edge, but the shape already disappeared.  You thought it was odd, but you put it in the back of your mind, telling yourself it was your overactive imagination.

Instead of continuing your free-strokes, you decided to swim to the bottom of the ten foot deep end.  Due to your amazing lungs, you were able to sit on the bottom with little problems.  In ten seconds, you came back up for a quick breath before sinking into the bottom.  You twirled around until your fingertips touch the floor.  With your hair mystically floating around you, you felt like a mermaid, also feeling like a young child.  


You stopped daydreaming of your mermaid's adventures, but looking above to find the culprit of the splash.  Instead, you saw nothing, not even the smallest bubble, though you swore it was as real of the goggles over your eyes.

You swam back to the top speedily; the mysterious splash made you open you mouth, accidently swallowing the chlorine water.  After you broke the surface, you started coughing and gasping for breath, finding the left edge of the deep end.  Meanwhile, you were searching for anyone in or out of the water.  

Yet, no one was in sight.  You were starting to get nervous; too many strange things have happened recently.  You tell yourself it was your imagination again and decided to swim from one end to the other while being close to the bottom.  This task is normally easy, and you accomplished it when going to the right end.   However, when you were traveling back to the left end, you felt a strong current past in front of you.  You jerk back, screaming, the bubbles rising from your mouth.  You swam as fast as you could to the ladders, not caring about your form or pattern.  About halfway of you frantic splashing, you bump into something.  At first you thought it was the wall, but when you anxiously look up, you saw…

"Canada?"  You hesitated, trying to remember who he was at first glance.  

The shy Canadian nodded, still in front of you.  How did you not recognize him?  
Oh ya, that's normal for anyone to forget him, but…

"What are you doing here!?"

He shyly smiled, "You sent me an invite from your text, but it sounds like you didn't mean to though."  His smile turned into disappointed, "and you didn't notice me, again."  You must have accidently added him into the mass media message.  

"I'm so sorry, Matthew (you finally remember his human name)! It was an accident! This party who suppose to be for my school friends, but they haven't show up yet (and never will), and I promise I'll never forget you again!" you said, feeling horrible for hurting the sweet Canadian.  You tiptoes were barely touching the bottom, so your head once went underwater while talking.  Matthew laughed, and also accepted your apology.  

You were so scared of the previous events, but now you were laughing with Canada. The white figure was Kumajiro (who was watching you two from the fence) and Matthew coming, he must have dove in and was attempting to swim with you, but you didn't notice him.   You felt so stupid and rude to be like that with you country friend.

After laughing for a few seconds, you two swam into the shallow end.  You noticed that he swims more gracefully and faster than you, something you wouldn't have except from the country of the Arctic.  However, you remember watching a program about Canadian swimmers who swim for miles in the Arctic Ocean, so now you understood Matthew's swimming skills.

"Were any of the other countries' accidently invited too?" you finally asked, since Matthew isn't the most talkative in the beginning.

"No," Matthew quietly relied, "but I was so excited to get an invention for the first time that I showed America.  At first he wouldn't listen, but then I put my phone on his desk and saw it.  He was confused why he wasn't invited.  I made the assumption that I might be the only one invited, but the rest will probably be here soon."   It was the most you have ever heard him say, and you paid attention to ever single word.  

"Well, I reckon you're just more special," you sweetly said, smiling.  You wanted to make Canada feel important after been forgotten.  It worked, because you saw Matthew slightly blushing.  You blushed too; you couldn't help but like the shy guy.  When you felt no one was listening, you knew he probably was, and you need the "listener" in your life.

"Thanks," he said shyly, "By the way, you're a great swimmer."

"Aww, you're so kind, Matt," you said, but quickly remembering you were still wearing those corny Speedo goggles, similar to the ones Olympians wear.    You, worrying you look like a dork, took them off as fast as Michael Phelps' swimming, but accidently threw them in Matthew's face.  He caught them before they hit his face (he must had practice after America's pitching).  He gave you a confused look, and you gave him a nervous, embarrassing smile.  Your face was redder than Spain's ripest tomatoes.

If it was Prussia, Gilbird would have attack you by now; Italy would have taken out a white flag and ran away; England would have called you a git.

However, this was Canada, and he only smiled.

"You still have the red lines, so there was no need to remove those. I understand that you wanted to look normal. You look wonderful either way, especially in (favorite color)," he bashfully said, tenderly placing his thumb under your right eye, which you found nice; a perfect combination of softness and protection.  He quickly replaced his hand in the water once he noticing his action.

"I'm sorry, (Y/N)! I've like you for a long time now, and it's hard for me to watch you to your school life. I always want to admit my feeling to you, but I don't know if you have the same feelings for me," he sighed, "You probably think I'm a closest pervert or I'm just like dad."  He thought you would slapped him in the face like some girls do to France, but you giggled instead. You wrap your arms around his bushy blonde hair, staring into his light blue eyes.

"I love you too, Matt, but I didn't realize until now because I'm horrible understanding my inner feelings.  You just had to show me."

"So, you'll never forget me again?" Surprising, he put his hands on your waist. You enjoyed the touch, and you two were leaning closer.

"How should I forget my true love," you whispered before you met lips.

This kiss was sweet and soft.  You opened you mouth as the kiss blossomed, enjoying the overwhelming taste of delicious maple syrup.  However, before the anything else happen…

"DUDE! MY BRO'S GOING TO GET LAID IN THE POOL!" You heard Alfred shout before he cannonball into the pool near you and Matthew, splashing the embarrassed couple, who both separated, hands protecting each of your faces.   Alfred gave his annoyed laugh, slapping his brother in the back. You observe that the other countries, your true friends, were clapping and celebrating for you two loves birds until they jumped in after.

At least you had the greatest time swimming with Canada.
How ironic!? The title, that is!

I gave myself until ten PM Eastern time, but I was sixteen minutes off!! Darn you Bojangles and other distractions! :stupidme:

It's base off this journal entry [link] and I set it up similar to my style of swimming I had that day (though I didn't have Canada or, mainly for me, Alfred with me!). This is my first reader insert I finished! Yay!

I'm not a Canada fan, so forgive me if I didn't get his personalty exactly. For some reason, I made him a little talkative than I wanted too. Also, sorry I didn't barely added Kumajiro in it. Lastly, I gave a lot of background info, but I hope the snappy love was good at the end!

Still, I thought this was cute! Enjoy!

Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:
You: :iconsexycanadaplz:
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